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Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday…the weekend is upon us soon and I am SO thrilled because…I am heading to The Big Apple!!! I just can’t wait to immerse myself in all of its glory. Don’t get me wrong, I love So-Cal, but I’ve never been to NY before. Tragic, I know. But I am ending this atrocity tomorrow. Anyway, before I go on my mini-vacay, I wanted to share with you a sneak peek of Patty and Randy’s intimate and charming wedding at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate. They are one of the most relaxed bride and groom ever! While the day is jam-packed as usual, the two kept their cool, breezed through the day and enjoyed every bit of it. I love them to pieces and here’s a sneak!


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As I sit here working through some photo editing, I can’t help but skip ahead and take a peek at Nikki and Dave’s wedding day – it was SUCH a fun wedding – filled to the brim with celebration and so full of life. My favorite part of their wedding is undoubtedly the personal wedding vows and all the endearing stories shared by their close friends and family. Who would’ve guessed that Nikki has a plan to dominate fantasy football league? Or that Dave is a really great dad already…to their cat? It really made their wedding so special and so very them. The venue – San Diego Botanic Garden – was also the perfect intimate setting. Sooo gorgeous! Thank you Nikki and Dave for sharing your beautiful day with us!

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Abby & Amit 1

First post on my brand spankin’ new website. Eeeek! It’s like slipping into a new pair of shoes – takes some getting used to but OH-SO-EXCITING! Anyway, I hope all of you had a fab weekend because I certainly did! What an honor it was to photograph Abby and Amit’s wedding at Harbor Island. The two met through work (Office romance…Ooh la la!) and, being the empowered and confident woman that she is, Abby took no chance in losing the opportunity to jump on a good catch and asked Amit out on their first date. Mad props to this girl! She certainly seized a moment not to be missed. Obviously, the rest is history. The knot was tied this past Saturday with the most fun and vivacious crowd. I just LOVED every moment of it!

Full reveal soon!


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Sign me up any day to photograph a beach wedding. I do love me some intimate, relaxed and classy vibe that the beach has to offer. Plus I get to have sand between my toes while I work. HOW do you beat that. It really was such a treat to photograph Sally and Paul’s wedding at the La Jolla Shores Hotel.  They were both so relaxed with each other yet excited to kick start their new beginning; it was like they knew each other before they met and when they did, they can’t wait to start sharing their lives with each other. I love this wedding to pieces!


Everything was BEAUTIFULLY organized by Melissa Barrad.

Sally & Paul Wedding 1
Sally & Paul Wedding 2
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Sally & Paul wedding 7
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