There’s nothing more heart warming than a cozy and classy wedding that is Dustin and Erica’s big day. It was a perfect blend of Eastern and Western culture that really expressed who they are as a couple. The amount of detail Erica pulled together for this wedding is nothing short of amazing. From handmade decor to personalized chocolate Hershey Kisses, every corner was adorned with a personal touch. Absolutely the cutest house wedding. The musicians – who were also guests – were phenomenal. Almost all the guests shifted their attention to Koga-san when he started singing and playing the guitar. He sang in Japanese…but I didn’t need to know a word of Japanese to feel the emotion that came out of his voice and melodies. It was beautiful. Truly.

Before we go on to the photos, I have to say, the avocado wedding favors are brilliant. They are GINORMOUS and DELICIOUS. I believe they are grown by one of their personal friends. I have never seen another avocado like it! They’re easily twice the size of a normal Hass avocado!

Check out the slideshow too!

Thank you Dustin and Erica for sharing your magical day with us!

Rock on!

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