I just can’t emphasize enough how under-rated Taiwan is in terms of travel destination! While I spent the first 12 years of my life there, I don’t think I ever “toured” Taiwan with an observant eye until now. I guess when you live there, you don’t appreciate it as much? Or maybe I was just too young? Anyway,  I am pretty impressed to find that Taiwan has improved leaps and bounds in terms of cleanliness and just how “metropolitan” the city centers are while still maintaining a lot of its culture. Obviously many photos were taken but I wish I had taken more! Photography took a backseat in between all the language translation for Jeff (It’s his first time in Taiwan and he doesn’t know any Mandarin) and catching up with relatives. There were photo ops around every block and I just love it! I hope one day I will get to shoot a engagement/wedding there.  Anyhow, I encourage everyone to go see the island yourself, photographers or not!

Architecture: A huge mix between old Chinese styled buildings (for memorials, museums or temples), to old town apartments, to modern skyscrapers (like Taipei 101).

Taiwan’s food selection is nothing short of AMAZING. If you ask anyone what they love the most about the country, about 90% of them will say FOOD! Okay, so I made up that statistic, but it’s probably something like that! The whole island is littered with restaurants, food stands, cafes….probably something like 10 restaurants per block. Quite literally! The competitiveness in the restaurant business made the quality of food top notch and keeps the prices down for us f00dies! What is there not to love? Again, I wish I had more food pictures! I think I was too busy stuffing my face. LOL.

These photos are making me miss the place already! Definitely want to go again soon. Who’s with me?! Serving up part DEUX soon!


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  1. Uncle

    Thank you for the comments that you gave to me over the trip.
    I wish I could show you more about the country.
    You are welcome to be back to Taiwan again soon.

    Please show these wonderful pictures to Charlie, he hasn’t much opportunity to see all his country yet.

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