Any guesses on what TWOVP stand for? Somehow I always manage to procrastinate on organizing/sharing my own photos…and so, the birth of

TWOVP – The WAYYYY overdue vacation photos.

Ok. Maybe that sounds kind of lame. BUT. It is what it is… :P

ANYWAY. Our first day in France didn’t actually start off too well. When we arrived in Nice, we weren’t able to locate our luggage. OUR LUGGAGE. ONE. Our SINGULAR luggage. Where our necessities and not-so-necessities for the next 9 days was stored in. This had the potential of ruining our honeymoon for reals. We freaked out a bit but then was reassured by the hotel concierge that the airlines usually find our luggage within a day. I was then tricked into happiness when I found 4 French adorable French Macarons sitting pretty waiting for me in our room (this is the start of the never ending macaron hunt for the remainder of our honeymoon). After I devoured them, we headed out to soak in the French Riviera goodness….and here are pics from Day 1!

  1. Jeff

    I love the pictures! This brings back good memories…although that crepe looks much better in pictures than it tasted. And, to set the record straight, I DID get the four macarons to stand up straight. =)

  2. Yoon

    Awwww… you guys are so cute! Thanks for sharing your honeymoon pictures. :)

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