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Music for me is like a time machine. Usually within the first couple seconds of the melody, it transports me to a whole other world. The performance by the Spice Girls during the Olympics closing ceremony teleported me straight back to my school days – I had “Zigazig AHHHH” stuck in my head for days. This sparked a chain reaction – I suddenly craved me some scrunchies, Hello Kitty stationary and JanSport backpacks. To get my fix, I hopped on the trusty YouTube to look for other 90’s music to further congest my poor brain. Dang. The 90’s. Did you know that things made prior to 1992 can be considered VINTAGE now? Suddenly, I feel like a dinosaur. Anyway, I digress. Anyone want to go back to the 90’s with me? Here’s my flashback playlist.


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Abby & Amit 1

First post on my brand spankin’ new website. Eeeek! It’s like slipping into a new pair of shoes – takes some getting used to but OH-SO-EXCITING! Anyway, I hope all of you had a fab weekend because I certainly did! What an honor it was to photograph Abby and Amit’s wedding at Harbor Island. The two met through work (Office romance…Ooh la la!) and, being the empowered and confident woman that she is, Abby took no chance in losing the opportunity to jump on a good catch and asked Amit out on their first date. Mad props to this girl! She certainly seized a moment not to be missed. Obviously, the rest is history. The knot was tied this past Saturday with the most fun and vivacious crowd. I just LOVED every moment of it!

Full reveal soon!


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