About Me


We all already know that I love photography right? Yes. Good. That’s pretty much assumed for any photographer! So let’s talk about the stuff that you PROBABLY don’t know about me…

For some reason, I am still loving finely printed magazines during this digital age. There is just something with the paper texture and scent of freshly printed magazine that can’t be duplicated digitally. Magazines I dig recently: Kinfolks, Anthology & Pure Green Magazine.

My German Shepherd – Berlin, is my very first dog. Oddly enough, I was deathly afraid of dogs previous to owning him. To this day, I am still not sure what came over me that made me choose a German Shepherd as my first dog. I haven’t regretted at all though; I love him like he’s my own son (and I am not longer afraid of dogs).

When I am not working…and when I have some alone time, I like to hop on the computer-along with a cup of latte(by the way, I drink latte like it’s water), and get lost in the world wide web. I feel so fortunate to be born in this digital age where discovery and inspiration are not bound by physical locations. I am most definitely taking advantage of this!

Because I enjoy fooding so much myself, I find cooking to be really fun and rewarding. When I successfully recruit Jeff to do dishes, I can really cook up a storm.

So if I sound like I could be be your friend, let’s get together! I am always down to meet new people; photo related or not!

Bits and pieces of my life

  • Time // March 31, 2013 - 11:48PM
  • Location // San Diego, California
  • Feeling // Happy that I just had a great weekend!
  • Drinking // A lukewarm latte
  • Thinking // So blessed to be living in SD!
  • Wanting // Start eating healthily again!
  • Needing // A deep tissue massage - the gear is heavy ok?
  • Loving // Lying on the ground with Berlin for no reason
  • Watching // HBO's Life is but a dream
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