Wow. It’s been quite some time since the last time I checked in here and I have somewhat of a serious update. I thought a lot about how to word this post because it’s pretty personal but I believe there’s no better way than just to be honest and upfront about it. So here we go.

For the remainder of 2014, I will not be booking any weddings and the reason is that Jeff and I are planning to grow our family! It was very difficult for me to turn away weddings as I have worked very hard to make my wedding photography dreams come true and it really is something I love. However, at the end of the day, my wedding photography is absolutely about my clients – preserving memories from one of the most important days of their lives. I am entrusted with this responsibility and I cannot imagine letting anyone down in that front. There should be no compromise on my performance for any reason. I keep rehearsing in my mind – how could I possibly tell a client that I can’t make it to their wedding and have to send a substitute or have to ask them to switch to another photographer – I just can’t. It’s not fair to them. All of these reasons are why I decided to take 2014 off from the wedding scene. I really appreciate and am so thankful for all your support in the past and hopefully you will re-embrace me with open arms when I am ready to come back in hopefully 2015!

On another note, I am still going to continue to book other types of photo shoots that are more flexible in terms of dates (What? Did you really think I would let my camera collect dust?). This could be (and not exclusive to)

  • Lifestyle shoots (let me capture a day in the life of YOU!)
  • Family shoots
  • Pets

So there. It’s now out in the open! I always feel that honesty is the best policy and I hope we can keep the conversation going regardless of what happens. I will also continue to post on this blog on any updates in my photography adventures, life stories as well as some wedding highlights from the previous years – I have so many gorgeous weddings to share still!

Again, thank you all for listening!

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I love the vibe of this wedding! Simply organic and intimate. This is Tory and Uyen tying the knot at the Kate O Sessions Park. While the ceremony is hosted in a public park, the rest of the world just faded when the two of them began their emotional ceremony. As simple as it may be, the moment was breathtaking. It was such a beautiful celebration and I was only bummed that their beloved fur baby- Potato – wasn’t able to join the festivity!

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I always love to hear back from my clients on how they’re doing – whether they’re bringing home a new pup, purchasing a home, welcoming a baby or even as simple as how they’re enjoying the newlywed life. It makes me so happy to hear that they are doing well! This is especially true for Keaton and Evonne – we’ve become friends since their engagement shoot and while we don’t meet up as much as we should, we regularly Facebook ‘like’ each other’s status posts (K&E, if you guys are reading this, we need to catch up!) Haha. I am a dork like that. Anyway, when they decided to celebrate their first anniversary with another photoshoot, I was happy to oblige! They totally went all out in the wedding spirit- dressed in their wedding attires, dolled-up and completed with flowers – The whole shebang! I love it. We had so much fun and took our time to explore the timeless beauty of Balboa Park. I really wish them all the best and many MANY more happily married years to come!

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There are no words to describe just how genuinely nice they are. Truly, they are probably two of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. In the years that I’ve known Mariko, I’ve never seen a single mean bone in her body – she always saw the best in everyone. When she told me she had met someone special, I had really hoped that this man is just as kind and caring as she is. When I finally met Edmund, all my worries melted away. He is just as she is – cheerful, loving and thoughtful. All of these qualities reflected in their gorgeous wedding in Sacramento, California and here’s a sneak peek!

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I can’t believe I waited this long to feature this wedding on my blog. It is literally filled to the brim with so many lovely details that are swoon worthy. Such amazing-ness were pulled together with grace and ease by Patty and Randy. I can still remember just how calm and collected they were on their wedding day – no fuss, no hurry. It was simply effortless joy through and through. As a wedding photographer, they pretty much made my day. So, I have to say, I LOVE YOU GUYS! And thank you for choosing me and Jeff as your wedding photographers!

Venue: Twin Oaks Garden Estate
DJ: Paul @ Injoy Entertainment
Decor & Details: All of the details
Hair and Makeup: July chanthamart (<–she’s my hair and makeup artist for my wedding as well! Love her!
Florist: Franco’s Flower


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