I just wanted to pop in and shared a little bit of baking I did this lovely Friday evening (rain, sounds of holiday music, lit christmas tree, warmth from the oven…ok I digress). I’ve been a long time follower Bakerella
and so of course I picked up her new book on cake-pops. Today, I gave it my first shot. I should’ve really started with a basic cake ball since it’s my first time but I couldn’t resist the uber cuteness of the cupcake cake pops…so I dived in head first to the cupcake rendition of cake pops. Anyway, the cakepops didn’t really look like cupcakes but they’re super cute anyway! I am taking them to a family gathering tomorrow. I hope people will know to eat them….and if they enjoy them, that would just be the frosting on the cake (no pun intended)!

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  1. Amy Coose

    Oh, these are fabulous! I am so going to try making them.

  2. Denise

    You did an awesome job on the cake pops! I bet everyone loved them!

  3. MandyK

    Wow, Annie you did awesome! I’ve never tried to make these now I think i just might have to. Great photos of your goodies too!

  4. Danielle

    Wow, those look so yummy. Anyone would be thrilled to get this!
    Love your photos on your blog!

  5. Maria L.

    Thanks so much for sharing your link on the SC mb! I’ve never heard of Bakerella and am loving these pops. Your photography is beautiful too. I loved the pics of all the lights outside in your December Love post.

  6. Beth Ann

    These are definitely fabulous!!

  7. Grace

    haha so awesome!! remind me of katy perry lol, good times.

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