The Experience

My ultimate goal is to see that my brides and grooms are able to love and cherish memories of their special day through my photographs; it’s a huge part of what makes wedding photography rewarding to me. To make it happen, I’ll be there every step of the way.

The Bond – It’s of utmost importance to me that I get to know my clients and that they get to know me too. Before anything is booked, I love meeting in person and just chatting about who you are and answering any questions you have about who I am. No questions are too detailed and I have nothing to hide. My life is an open book and I welcome you to come and read it. Just keeping it real! I also want to know all about you and your stories. This way, by the time of the shoot, it will feel like just another day out with friends – stress free and totally fun!
The Process – You are never just another person to me. Each couple is beautiful in their own way. I want to tell stories specific and unique to you. I stay involved with the planning process to help you highlight your personalities, achieve what you are looking for and provide guidance when it is needed. On your big day, I’ll be right by your side to capture every moment big, small and everything in between. I work closely with your other wedding vendors to ensure the day is just what you have dreamed of.
The Memory – The service doesn’t end when your wedding ends. I will help you decide on how to make memories of your wedding day last for generations to come – photos albums, photo keepsakes or masterpieces for your fire mantle. Even after that, I love staying connected and keeping a life-long friendship!