December without a doubt is my favorite month of the year. Not only because of Christmas, but I also just love a cold day where I can cozy up in my fleece blanket, drink hot chocolate and watch my favorite TV show or scrapbook. Jeff is somewhat of a Grinch. He doesn’t really care particularly about this season but he enjoys it because I love it so much. During this time of the year, he is always looking for shopping-deals to entice me to spend money on outrageous things I don’t need.Then, he tells me that I buy too much stuff. I tell him that he should’ve saw it coming when he married me.

There’s just so many things I love about December that it would be difficult to create a list that is not endless….but I shall try.

Here we go!

  1. Vintage Christmas decor and glitter!
  2. Totally dec’ed out neighborhoods (Pictures below!)
  3. Snowflake shaped anything…cookies, gift tags…actual snowflakes.
  4. Gingerbread lattes.
  5. Hot Chocolate by the fireplace.
  6. Pretty gift wrappings
  7. Toasty warm fire places
  8. Beautiful throws and quilts
  9. Holiday jingles.
  10. Handmade holiday cards
  11. Family gatherings for the holidays
  12. Keeping traditions alive
  13. Being bundled up for the cold weather.
  14. Beautiful holiday store displays
  15. Holiday baking

Okay. So that’s 5 more than initially planned….but really I can’t pick which ones to get rid of! Can’t I keep’em all? Of course I can.

I know it’s already half way December…but I am going to try to get photos fo all of these lovely notions so I can treasure them forever. I will post them as it comes! Here’s one for the kick off!

#2 Totally dec’ed out neighborhoods. Helllooo? This Poway neighborhood will make Santa move away from the North Pole! Totally rad cul-de-sac.


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